the transience of existence, a precious gift~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

stolen cellphone

I was waiting for the doctor at the stairs. Flipping with my cell phone, I was beginning to get bored. Until a guy came down from upstairs and hold my hand. It happened so fast, yet so slow in motion. He took my hand, gripped my handset, and my fingers just loosened off. “HEY!” I started to run downstairs to chase him. He was fast; still I was confident on surpassing. But my pace suddenly slowed down when he ran towards an old house. No way, I’m alone, I thought.

We were in the unkempt lawn, there was nobody around, the streets were desolated. Some guys passed by and I cried help. They didn’t even care. Eyes still hunting for that capped guy, I caught him jumping above the black fence, running towards the main road. Feeling desperate and stupid, I shouted at a guy passing by. “he stole my handset!” the guy was stunned for awhile, and the thief got passed him. He returned back and told me that the guy had already gone far. “I can’t chase him. Call the police!” how could I? he took my phone!! if I wasn’t wearing this baju kurung I’d surely jump over and chase him myself!

I was not really in the mood that evening. Tired myself in the afternoon, I went out just after having an unhappy rest. Found out that his clinic was still closed, bought a 5 dinar credits, made a phone call, wandered around the stairs, and the rest was history. Now I was in the sidewalks of syarii eiduun, walking myself here and there, eyes still browsing. Many people, many cars, everyone’s casual, everything’s normal. Except me. Three small children approached. Whoa guys I’m sooo not in the mood now!!

They begged and begged and begged, and I just kept my so-called stern face, no response, no hint. Those kids just followed me, until one of them called out to give up. Finally I slanted against a lampstand, feeling as if I hadn’t woken up at all. The two girls continued pleading, and I wasn’t listening. I hold one girl’s hand. “my handphone was stolen”. Her face changed. “who took it?” “I don’t know”. So went the typical type of conversation.

Her little sister then told me that they were poor and needed money. And I told them mine. No family around like them, a foreigner, cellphone got stolen, house broken in, alone, blablabla.. I wasn’t that depressed though. Just wanna make them feel grateful and thank God. One of the reasons for being a pediatrician is that, you can fool around with kids, haha.

But it was not just that. The girls were 12 and 10, both went to school, elhamdulellah. Their mom was sick, their father had passed away, 9 siblings not older than 12, and no, they did not live here. Their house’s in Amman. They happened to came here with their grandparents, who were staying in the mukhayyam. Yesterday and the day before, they hadn’t eaten any. Children never lie. And if they do, they don’t.

Allah puts us all in each others lives to impact one another in some way. Some people might seem to have everything, some people might not. But who really knows what’s actually lying beneath. A girl with a muaddal of 95, strong heart, a clear faith, and practically responsible, you can never insist for more. But it is all in ALLAH’s hand, His way of controlling our destiny. Today we may be rich, but tomorrow we might die starving. But as long as we have Islam, we have all that we need. So be grateful. Gosh, I am!!

I am telling you this story for a reason. It did not just end up here, many things happened after. But that was mine to keep. Till next time, salam.

p/s: plenty of work 2 b done & i badly need my phone!! =(